2003 U.S. Girls' High School Top Performers

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Top high school performers in the USA in 2003, compiled for USA TODAY by

Fred Baer, secretary of the Track and Field Writers of America,

 Jack Shepard of Track and Field News.


(USA high school record through 2002 listed after each event heading)

100 meters (11.11)


11.39 Allyson Felix, Los Angeles Baptist
11.49 Gloria Asumnu, Elsik (Alief, Tex.)
11.49 Krystin Lacy, Skyline (Dallas)
wind-aided mark: 11.12 Allyson Felix, Los Angeles Baptist (equals No. 3 all-time high school performer under all conditions)



200 meters (22.85)

22.11 Allyson Felix, Los Angeles Baptist (USA high school record, world junior under age 20 record, 2003 world women's leader)
23.47 Shalonda Solomon, Poly (Long Beach, Calif.)
23.51i Shana Cox, Holy Trinity (Hicksville, N.Y.)



400 meters (50.69)

52.14 Stephanie Smith, Northeast (Macon, Ga.)
52.26 Allyson Felix, Los Angeles Baptist
52.43 Shana Cox, Holy Trinity (Hicksville, NY)



800 meters (2:00.07)

2:06.44 Katya Kostetskaya, Jonesboro (Ark.)
2:06.67 Mackenzie Pierce, Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, N.C.)
2:07.88 Heidi Magill, Mountain View (Orem, Utah)


1,500 meters (4:16.16)

4:30.5 Elizabeth Maloy, Holy Hames (Albany, NY)
4:30.6 Amanda Thornberry, Valley Christian (San Jose)
4:31.0 Kathleen Trotter, Red Bank (Little Silver, N.J.)



1,600 meters (4:33.65)

4:40.58y Arianna Lambie, Bromfield (Harvard, Mass.)
4:47.02y Sarah Bowman, Fauquier (Warrington, Va.)
4:48.10y Meghan Owen, Killingly (Danielson, Conn.)



3,000 meters (9:08.06)

9:35.5 Nicole Blood, Saratoga Springs (N.Y.)
9:45.45 Elizabeth Maloy, Holy Names (Albany, N.Y.)
9:49.76i Laura Cummings, Bay Shore (N.Y.)


3,200 meters (9:48.59)

10:08.4 Arianna Lambie, Broomfield (Harvard, Mass.)
10:23.97iy Nicole Blood, Saratoga Springs (N.Y.)
10:25.01 Megan Kaltenbach, Smoky Hill (Aurora, Colo.)



100-meter hurdles (12.95)

13.25 Alandra Sherman, Eisenhower (Aldine, Tex.)
13.60 Jacquelyn Johnson, Yuma (Calif.)
13.66 Candise Davis, Pioneeer (Ann Arbor, Mich.)


300-meter hurdles (39.98)

41.24 Alandra Sherman, Eisenhower (Houston)
41.57 Katya Kostetskaya, Jonesville (Ark.)
41.72 Mackenzie Hill, Wilson (Long Beach)



400-meter hurdles (55.20)

59.00 Nicole Leach, West Catholic (Philadelphia)
59.18 Tiffany Abney, Merion Mercy Academy (Merion Station, Pa.)
59.26 Katya Kostetskaya, Jonesboro (Ark.)



4 x 100-meter relay (44.70)

44.63 Elsik (Houston) (USA high school record)
44.90 Poly (Long Beach) (No. 3 all-time high school team)
45.51 Skyline (Dallas)


4 x 200-meter relay (1:34.60)

1:34.51 Elsik (Houston) (USA high school record)
1:35.86i Poly (Long Beach) (USA high school indoor record)
1:35.95 Skyline (Dallas) (No. 5 all-time team)



4 x 400-meter relay (3:35.72)

3:35.55 Poly (Long Beach) (USA high school record)
3:40.41 Wilson (Long Beach)
3:42.95 Elsik (Houston)



4 x 800-meter relay (8:50.41)

8:53.3 Bronxville (N.Y.) (No. 3 all-time team)
8:58.00 Poly (Long Beach)
9:01.83 Smoky Hill, Aurora (Colo.)


High jump (6-4)

6-2 Sharon Day, Costa Mesa (Calif. ) (equals No. 9 all-time performer)
6-0 Viktoria Andonova, Coral Springs (Fla.)
6-0 Jacquelyn Johnson, Yuba (Ariz.)



Pole vault (13-8)

13-4 i Kira Costa, San Joaquin Memorial (Fresno, Calif.)
13-3i Julene Bailey, Skyview (Nampa, Id.)
13-3 Jenny Green, Central Catholic (Grand Island, Neb.)



Long jump (22-3)

20-6 i Marshevet Hooker, Southwest (San Antonio, Tex.)
20-6i Tianna Madison, Elyria (Ohio)
20-5 3/4 Renee Williams, Oakland
wind-aided mark: 20-8 w Gayle Hunter, J.W. North (Riverside, Calif.)



Triple jump (44-2 )

43-0 Cassie Gullickson, Brentwood (Tenn.)
42-4 i Erica McLain, East (Plano, Tex.)
42-0 Toni Smith, Montbello (Denver)
42-0 Brittany Daniels, Merrill West (Tracy, Calif.)



Shot put ( 53-7 )

54-10 Michelle Carter, Red Oak (Tex.) (USA high school outdoor record);
also 54-9 1/2i (USA high school indoor record).
50-11 1/2Pressley, Laguna Creek (Elk Grove, Calif.)
50-10 Liz Podominick, Lakeville (Minn.)



Discus throw (188-4)

183-6 Billie Jo Grant, Arroyo Grande (Calif.) (No. 5 all-time performer)
175-8 Kate Hutchinson, San Clemente (Calif.)
169-6 Akera Lathan, Southridge (Miami)



Hammer throw (201-7)

182-4 Kristen Callan, Monroe-Woodbridge (Central Valley, N.Y.) (No. 5 all-time performer)
179-6 Marie Stringer, Westminster (Atlanta) (No. 7all-time performer)
175-0 Danielle Dufresne, Toll Gate (Providence, R.I.)



Javelin throw (198-8)

159-7 Angela Hoover, Bald Eagle (Pa.)
158-4 Mallory Webb, Newburg (Ore.)
157-9 Rachel Yurkovich, Newberg (Ore.)




Other event leaders:

4 x 1600-meter relay (20:04.58y)

20:17.29iy: Saratoga Springs (N.Y.) (No. 2 all-time indoor team)
20:31.4: Bronxville (N.Y.) (No. 8 all-time outdoor team)


800-meter medley relay (1:42.0)

1:38.73: Poly (Long Beach) (USA high school record)



1600-meter medley relay (3:54.39)

3:53.28: Wilson (Long Beach) (USA high school record)



Distance medley relay (11:41.28)

11:46.59: Red Bank (Little Silver, N.J.)



4 x 100-meter shuttle hurdle relay (58.89)

57.49: J.W. North (Riverside, Ca.) (USA high school record).



Includes only marks verified wind legal for sprints, hurdles, and horizontal
Only fully automatic times are listed for sprints and high hurdles.
i = performed indoors.
- performed en route in longer race.
y or m -- performed at equivalent yards or metric distance and converted for